• Montpellier Maple  Prebonsai  14 years  43cm - B077HCVWVP

  • Fast growing, attractive, small leaves

  • Tolerate strong pruning, perfect for beginners

  • Rarely styled as a bonsai, not often offered

  • Offered from producer = low price, high quality

  • You will get the tree shown on the image

  • 14 years old Montpellier Maple in a plastic bonsai pot. This prebonsai tree is approx. 43cm high and was made by Bonsaischule Wenddorf.

    The Montpellier maple (botanical Acer monspessulanum, Family Maples - Aceraceae) is a medium-sized maple tree with height up to 10m. It is native in south and middle europe. The montpellier maple is a deciduous, naturally upright growing tree.

    Acer monspessulanum is perfectly suited for outdoor bonsai but not often offered. Advantages of this species are e.g. its small leaves, its huge root growth, its strong growth and a very good tolerance against strong pruning. It is well suited for bonsai beginners.

    The opposite leaves (like trident and field maple) are three-lobed.

    As an outdoor bonsai the Montpellier Maple likes a sunny place. During winter a perfect place is an unheated plastic tent. Here a montpellier maple bonsai can withstand long periods of freezing in winter very well. -20°C causes no damage.

    When ordering, you will always get the bonsai displayed on the picture (no. 141-36).

    Montpellier Maple Prebonsai 14 years 43cm - B077HCVWVP

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    Montpellier Maple Prebonsai 14 years 43cm - B077HCVWVP

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